Finding Forgiveness and Kundalini


Forgiveness holds an important place in the concepts and realization of real spirituality. It releases the energy associated with traumatic experiences by disconnecting the negative emotional reactions. In Sanskrit, Kundalini means that part of our energy that lies coiled. In some people, this energy is dormant but it does exist in all humans. Kundalini is also one of the highest goals of yoga seekers who believe that awakening Kundalini, or releasing this energy can help them attain the union with the divine. Once Kundalini has been released, yoga seekers believe that it will remove all the obstacles in the major chakras of our bodies so that they can progress and develop. The problem with Kundalini is that even though it is one of the highest forms of spirituality, it is very difficult to attain. In fact, in certain cases it can even take years for a human being to release Kundalini successfully.

Forgiveness is directly related to Kundalini since it is one of the direct ways of releasing it. In the context of Kundalini, it is quite imperative to practice the art of forgiveness and tolerance every day with the utmost sincerity and devotion. Forgiveness and unconditional love also go hand in hand. What you need to do is think about all the times anyone has ever hurt you or brought grief into your life. Also think about all the times you might have brought pain and suffering to someone in their life. Then you must deliberately and consciously forgive them and then yourself. A practice you must do every day to get rid of the obstacles forming in your chakras. 

One ingredient that is crucial in the process of forgiveness and self-forgiveness is absolute honesty. This means you have to be honest about every time you hurt someone as every time someone else hurt you. As difficult as the daily task may seem, it is important for awakening Kundalini. As you truly forgive others and yourself, you will reach a stage of an outburst of relief, gratitude and emotions that will reflect the release of a these emotional blocks and burdens. While you do not need to achieve the forgiveness and unconditional love stage all at once, the important point is to remain strong and consistent in your beliefs. You must strive for this state in order to clear the path for the rising energy to move.

Awakening Kundalini requires purity of spirit, which is only possible with making and following a spiritual health plan that includes practicing meditation and prayer. Since meditation and yoga practices can help you to understand the important of unconditional love and forgiveness, it is one of the key elements of bringing your emotional health into a better stage. If Kundalini is awoken without doing the work on forgiving your core wounds you are at risk for a spiritual crisis. What happens is the energy is uncoiled but the emotional blocks hinder its progress and it can result in both physical, mental and emotional reactions that are confusing and distressing.

Inherently, all human beings hold grudges inside themselves without even realizing it. These grudges constantly eat our internal energies and prevent us from attaining our spiritual goals. Sincere forgiveness can take care of the emotional blockages in our system and unconditional love can increase the flow of energy in our chakras, they are the first step towards Kundalini awakening. Even after Kundalini is released, the entire chakra system is cleansed individually and in a sequential order. It works its way up towards the spine and it can be years before it reaches the crown chakra. However, even the path of spiritual development and enlightenment requires a daily practice and discipline. A spiritual health plan can help prepare for the Kundalini awakening and aid in finding real forgiveness and unconditional love.



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